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Technology Research

Technology Research 

Intelligent workshop 

In order to realize flexible manufacturing process, sunrise  module production is divided into a number of relatively independent and highly interconnected modules, in-depth research to improve the overall production efficiency and quality. The highly automated production workshop can effectively avoid human error and ensure the accuracy of all production processes from incoming inspection to packaging.

Strict supplier management system

Carry out sampling inspection according to batch manual standards

Constant temperature and humidity storage environment

Supplier quality engineering control

HALM test machine with AAA grade

300+ quality monitoring points

100% double EL test

Flow sampling

Simulated unpacking test

Raw material control                                                      Production control                                 Delivery inspection

Quality is the basis of haoyu photovoltaic, in order to enhance customer satisfaction with product quality, we vigorously improve the process equipment, do not regularly carry out professional training for staff. Even under extreme conditions, sunrise photovoltaic products can show excellent performance.

After the field investigation and comprehensive evaluation by the expert group of dnv. GL, sunrise has passed three system certifications, including ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.

Quality Control

High quality starts from the beginning
Haoyu conducts a thorough inspection of all raw materials. A total of 156 incoming material quality tests, including cell monolithic conversion efficiency, monolithic tension and EL testing, EVA crosslinking degree testing, junction box cable resistance testing and border stability testing. These tests ensure that each batch of raw materials and each component is in line with the haoyu quality standards


Strict 3-fold EL detection
Each haoyu component must pass three EL tests before lamination, after lamination, and before packaging. These tests greatly reduce defective products, and effectively control the production of defective products from the front end, reducing the overall production cost.

High precision performance tester
All production lines of haoyu manufacturing base are equipped with HALM photoelectric product performance tester. The tester USES an advanced 3A + level light source with a complex power regulation system and freely adjustable optical pulse Settings. It enables operators to accurately and easily scan the important data of components on the line in a relatively short time, such as maximum power, temperature coefficient and low irradiance performance.

Improve reliability through innovation
Haoyu's original way of adding the light tube on the back of the eye inspection equipment makes it easier to find the battery chip broken, hidden crack, no welding belt, lack of Angle and other problems during the eye inspection, which can be repaired in time. At the same time, we use large screen battery spacing detection, to meet the technical requirements of product design, to ensure the consistency of product appearance. These innovative quality tests ensure that components meet all technical specifications while maintaining a consistent appearance.


Critical quality control points

Technology innovation

Haoyu photovoltaic believes that technological innovation is the core element of the enterprise to maintain growth, always attaches great importance to technological innovation, and constantly increase research and development investment to boost the technological upgrading of the photovoltaic industry. At present, we have

applied for more than 60 solar photovoltaic patents, among which 56 are utility model patents and 2 are invention patents. Haoyu photovoltaic keeps

improving module efficiency. The laboratory conversion efficiency of p-type monocrystalline silicon battery and p-type polycrystalline silicon

battery has reached 19.4%(2018) and 17.8%(2018), respectively.

More than

100 patents

20% component conversion efficiency

Have a lot of R& D engineers

CSA and other authoritative certification of the laboratory

Product roadmap

Product certification