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More than 10 Sunrise agents added in Middle East Electricity-Solar


More than 10 Sunrise agents added in Middle East Electricity-Solar

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On the morning of March 5th local time, Middle East Electricity-Solar 2019 officially began, and Dubai ushered in a highlight moment once again. The venue is the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center in the United Arab Emirates, relying on the successful experience more than 40 years of history, as well as the huge group of professional buyers.

The Middle East has sufficient sunshine and abundant solar energy resources, and has the natural advantage of developing solar energy. At the same time, the unique natural environment of the region also imposes strict requirements on the quality and performance of modules. The high-performance modules and original system solutions demonstrated by Sunrise are aimed at the actual demand for renewable energy in the region, effectively reducing the risk of cracking and mismatch and significantly increasing electricity production, with better performance in extreme weather.

Sunrise has always been concerned about the PV development in the Middle East market because many countries are promoting renewable energy projects. In terms of the development and utilization of new energy, Sunrise's products and system solutions performed well and have been praised by on-site customers.

After winning a few agents in 2019 SOLAIRE EXPO MAROC, Sunrise reached agent agreements with dozens of foreign companies in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc. Sunrise will further cooperate with the countries in the Middle East in PV industry and accelerate the upgrading of solar energy in the region.