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Ukraine PV Market Analysis


Ukraine PV Market Analysis

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Introduction of Ukraine

Ukraine is located in the eastern part of Europe, on the shores of the Black Sea. It is an important geographical location and is a crossroads between the EU and Russia. With a land area of 603,700 km2 and a population of 42 million by 2019, it has one of the world's three major black lands and has long been the top three countries for grain exports. The industrial heritage of the former Soviet Union made its heavy industry developed, and together with agriculture became the country's two pillar industries.

However, the special geographical position has made Ukraine a corner of the power of big powers. Domestic pro-Russian forces and pro-European forces have repeatedly clashed, seized power and split. From 2004 to now, political and economic events such as the Orange Revolution and the Crimean Crisis have erupted, making the economy Development has been affected to some extent.

Although it is a neighbor of Russia, Ukraine's oil and natural gas resources are far from being in Russia. Three-quarters of the natural gas needs to be imported every year . The main source of imports is Russia. Nuclear power accounts for a large share of the country’s electricity generation, and the world-famous Chernobyl nuclear power plant is located in Ukraine. In order to reduce energy dependence on natural gas and nuclear energy, the Ukrainian government decided to overweight the development of renewable energy to improve the energy structure.

October 1, 2014, the Ukrainian government formally approved the 2020 National Renewable Energy Action Plan. It is stipulated that by 2020 , renewable energy (including solar energy, wind energy, small hydropower, and bioenergy) will account for 11% of the total electricity generation , and the total installed capacity will reach 10GW. Among them, solar energy accounted for 21% and the target installed capacity was 2.3GW. In March 2018, it promised again that by 2035, the proportion of renewable energy power generation will reach 25%.

Ukrainian sunshine radiation resources are good, the annual average solar radiation is 1000-1400KWH/year, which is better than most European regions and Japan, and is at the upper-middle level in the countries with the main distribution of PV power generation.

PV developments

Since the Government Renewable Energy Development Plan in October 2014, Ukraine renewable energy generation has had a rapid growth. By the end of 2018, renewable energy accounted ratio reached 2%, from the government's target for renewable energy generation in 2020 accounted for more than 11% in 2025 to 25%, there is a huge space for development. The current power structure still accounts for the largest proportion of nuclear power and thermal power, accounting for 53% and 30% respectively.

Since 2015, the annual installed capacity of renewable energy has been rapidly increasing, and more than 80% of new installations come from PV power generation capacity. Ukraine prefers solar energy in the choice of renewable energy. Since 2015, the growth rate of PV installed capacity has remained high and the growth rate has accelerated. With the rapid development of residential projects, as of Q4 2018, the installed capacity has a total of 157MW, 7450 households.