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Hong Kong Tai Po 9.28KW household project successfully connected to the grid


Hong Kong Tai Po 9.28KW household project successfully connected to the grid

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At the end of December, the 9.28KW photovoltaic project in Tai Po, Hong Kong will be successfully connected to the grid for power generation. It is understood that this project is another business of Sunrise Photovoltaic Hong Kong Branch, which is expected to generate 10022 kWh per year.


The project is located on the roof of Mr. Tan, a resident of Hong Kong. The installed capacity is 9.28 KW and the annual power generation is about 10022 kWh. After grid-connected power generation at the end of the month, it will basically meet the electricity demand of Mr. Tan.


Photovoltaic power generation is environmentally friendly and efficient. The household photovoltaic project can save 3.608 tons of standard coal per year, while reducing pollution emissions by 2.726 tons of carbon dust, 9.92 tons of carbon dioxide, 0.301 tons of sulfur dioxide, and 0.15 tons of nitrogen oxides.


The project is self-invested by the user. The company has signed a contract with EPC to provide a one-stop user service experience. Sunrise PV team implements the whole process of contracting, which is the service process of survey, design, equipment and material supply, construction and installation engineering construction, project management, system commissioning and acceptance, power station knowledge training, project handover, high performance quality assurance. contract. In addition, Sunny Solar provides a 20-year power plant operation and maintenance program for the project.


Hong Kong's large-scale village house roof is especially suitable for installing solar panels. The annual return rate is much higher than the general investment. At the same time, the environmental protection effect of solar power generation is obvious, which has a great effect on energy conservation and emission reduction, energy structure improvement and environmental quality improvement.


At present, the company is in a period of strong growth, and it is inseparable from the strong and powerful EPC team as a strong support for power station construction. Using information technology and other means, actively explore standardized and standardized safety production management mode, and strive to build a world-class project construction. Sunrise Photovoltaic strives to turn more buildings into solar power stations, so that thousands of households can not only use green energy, but also have a visible return on investment.