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Sunrise Photovoltaic welcomes the release of new single crystal modules. Power approaches 400W


Sunrise Photovoltaic welcomes the release of new single crystal modules. Power approaches 400W

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After the half-chip assembly last month, Sunrise Photovoltaic will launch a 158.75mm*158.75mm square single-crystal high-efficiency PERC module this month. The power of the single-chip battery will increase by 0.15W. The power of the single-block component can be improved by nearly 10W. The silicon solar module power can approach 400W. The high power generation of this product brings the benefit of the reduction of the electricity cost of the terminal power station. Combined with the half-chip technology of Sunny PV, it is bound to form a new trend and new direction in the market in 2019..


Compared with the conventional battery, the 158.75mm*158.75mm square single crystal has the advantage of being larger than the effective area of ​​the conventional chamfered single crystal cell, and the increased area can bring about an increase in the actual power generation efficiency. At the same time, due to the elimination of the single crystal chamfering loss, the appearance of the component can be greatly improved after the use of the single crystal large battery package.


The large size is the inevitable direction for the future development of the battery. The 158.75 square single crystal has been measured, the limited increase of the battery link cost, and the slight change of the downstream component size to optimize the downstream power station construction cost and increase the terminal power station revenue.


The arrival of the component 4.0 era has accelerated the process of affordable Internet access, making the goal of lowering the cost of electricity in the entire industry faster, so the current use of single crystal cells will be the best solution in terms of manufacturing cost and final price.


In addition to 22% high-efficiency double-sided PERC components, SPARKLE has the ability to mass produce 158.75 square single crystals. In the future, Sunrise will rely on the advantages of mass production technology to provide customers with more high-efficiency, high-reliability, high-power components.