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EU “2050 Long-Term Vision”: Renewable energy power will be over 80%


EU “2050 Long-Term Vision”: Renewable energy power will be over 80%

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For coping with climate change, at the end of 2018, the European Commission issued "EU 2050 Strategic Long-term Vision", trying to achieve a goal by 2050, that is net carbon emission is zero, energy consumption level reaches half of that in 2005, and the proportion of electricity in end energy demand is double. According to the Vision, renewable energy will exceed 80%.


Olivia Gippner, the policy officer of general division for Climate Action of the European Commission, said that improving energy efficiency is the core and most crucial measure. “Especially in terms of building energy efficiency, there will be great challenges. Most of the buildings in 2050 are the current stocks. It requires more skilled workers and reasonable policy guidance to maintain high repair rates.”


Under a series of emission reduction measures in various fields, EU's investment in the “Long-term Vision” has drawn a great attention. Olivia Gippner said that the continuous development of the EU economy and the increasing carbon emission reduction will certainly stimulate a large amount of investment. “The overall investment is expected to be about 2% of the annual GDP of all the EU countries. If zero greenhouse gas emissions is achieved, this figure will probably rise to 2.8%, or about 575 billion euros per year, so that the impact on economic growth and employment is positive.”