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MBB+Half Cut: the inevitable trend of high efficiency solar module


MBB+Half Cut: the inevitable trend of high efficiency solar module

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MBB technology is an effective way to reduce cost and increase efficiency. Half-Cut technology has become the preferred direction for the upgrade of old module production line. The both technologies are suitable for the main technologies, such as polycrystalline, monocrystalline, PERC, black-silicon, double-sided cells and single, double glass modules.  

With MBB and Half-Cut technology, it can enhance the competitiveness of high-efficiency modules by saving material consumption to reduce cost and further improving the power and reliability of module. Therefore, the combination makes an effective contribution to LCOE.

MBB: an effective way to reduce cost and increase efficiency

In the past years, the number of busbar in cells has experienced an evolution from 2BB, 3BB, 4BB to the current mainstream 5BB. 

The increase in the number of busbar can shorten the conduction distance of current on the fingers, sothat the resistance loss is reduced, and the cell efficiency is improved. As a result, it improves the output power of modules.

Since 2017, Multi Busbar (MBB) cells have begun to be introduced in the market.


Compared with previous modules, MBB technology can reduce the resistance loss of the fingers, improve the battery efficiency, and improve the optical utilization on the area between ribbons. With that it can effectively increase the module power by 5-10W. 

And MBB technology can also greatly reduce the consumption of silver paste and bring down the cost of electricity. In addition, MBB technology is able to be well compatible with mainstream technologies such as polycrystalline, monocrystalline, PERC, black-silicon, HJT, Half-Cut, double-sided, single and double glass. Because cells in MBB modules are not prone to have micro cracks and broken busbars, the modules have higher reliability. 

Half-Cut Technology

In the path to improve the output efficiency of solar modules, the Half-Cut modules are undoubtedly an efficient products that are easy to mass produce and cost-effective.

Half-Cut Module refers to the technology of cutting and connecting the conventional cells. It has the following advantages:

1) The current in the cell is reduced to be half as a cell is divided into two pieces, sothat the thermal resistance loss is reduced. As a result, the output power of the Half-Cut module is 5-10W higher than of the module with the same-type full-size cells

2) The module with Half-Cut technology can reduce the damage of the hot-spot effect effectively, because that the hot-spot temperature on the Half-Cut cell module is 25℃ lower the module with full-size cells.

3) It has strong compatibility, and can be used with other high-efficiency technologies such as PERC, black silicon, double-sided, MBB, reflective ribbon, reflective film and other materials which improve the efficiency.

Advantage of MBB + Half-Cut

Firstly, MBB + Half-Cut modules still have all the advantages of MBB modules with full-size cells, such as saving of silver paste consumption, reduction of costs, improvement of power, anti-micro crack, and high reliability.

Secondly, MBB added with Half-Cut technology can further enhance the module power. With the technology combination, the module power can significantly increased by 12-15W. 

Finally, the combination can reduce the material consumption. With Half-Cut technology, the sensitivity to resistance decreases. Due to that, the number of busbar and the size of ribbon could be reduced, thereby increasing the soldering yield and products yield.

 SUNRISE is always following the main trend of technology and keeps a flexible state in the market to reflect on the future mainstream technology. MBB and Half-Cut technology have been applied on the products, not only producing high efficiencymodule, but also being prepared for the other advanced technology due the compatibility of MBB and Half-Cut.