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Sunrise Participate Intersolar India 2019 Solar Exhibition


Sunrise Participate Intersolar India 2019 Solar Exhibition

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Intersolar is global PV show organizer, origin from Germany. Sunrise as leading solar panel manufacturer and PV brand provider continuously participate Intersolar EUROPE, taken place in Munich Germany. Fortunately this time sunrise attend solar even took placed in Bangalore, India organized Intersolar.

Even though sunrise initially experience India market, and acquired many visitors were sticking on our booth, expressing their affection to our Latest Products (Multiple BB + Half Cut mono solar panel), which perform so far Top High Efficiency (21%) in STC Condition.

During 3days of exhibition, most of visitors who engaged on only PV project installation basically never import solar panel from Chinese supplier directly, they are keen to buy our model from local dealer/distributor. That is what we are aiming to bring up a local dealer/distributor after exhibition.

With consulting with visitors, we found they are less of experience on importing , they bought and use solar panel made in India often. Because of policy to protect India manufacturer by India Government, many Indian brand and manufacturers are growing fast and stronger, like EMMVEE, Vikram, Tata, Waaree,ect , moreover some government take part in investing own PV factory, their brand and capacity is rated on applied for Government-owned PV plant.

As per policy announcement one year ago, in 2021, importing tax levied on Solar panel made in china is going to decreased to 15%, or it has opportunity to be canceled. China as biggest silicon exporter, no doubt that importing from china is best choice and quality-grantee.