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Sunrise Photovoltaic Broadens Europe's New Map


Sunrise Photovoltaic Broadens Europe's New Map

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Today, there is a major news to announce, that is, now Huayu Photovoltaic Co., Ltd. and its European headquarters, CKW, are looking for agents for the European market. Interested parties please contact CKW company actively, and Shenyu PV is grateful.

CKW Photovoltaic Europe Headquarters CKW is located in the Netherlands, close to the Port of Rotterdam, with convenient transportation. It has been in operation for more than six years and has an installed capacity of 20-60MW per year. The EU's "double-reverse" policy was officially released in September this year, indicating that the European PV market will once again see a substantial increase. In order to strengthen your confidence, I have recently learned some cases from CKW:

Business Cooperation & Consulting:

CKW Solar Group

Galileistraat 10

7131 PE Lichtenvoorde

The Netherlands

+31 544842499

Email: info@ckw-trading.eu