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Sunrise Photovoltaic will participate in the 10th Guangzhou International Solar Energy Exhibition


Sunrise Photovoltaic will participate in the 10th Guangzhou International Solar Energy Exhibition

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Time: 2011.18.16-18

Venue: Q390, Hall A, Exhibition Hall, China International Import and Export Fair, Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center


PV Guangzhou instructions

PV Guangzhou has been held for nine consecutive years and is an important exhibition platform for global PV companies to promote trade and promote brands. The content covers all areas of the photovoltaic industry, including raw material supply, main and auxiliary materials, mechanical equipment, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic engineering and photovoltaic applications. Each year, together with new energy fields such as wind energy and bio-energy, the exhibition area has reached 200,000 square meters, attracting more than 1,000 domestic and foreign companies to participate in the promotion and promotion of more than 300 domestic and foreign media. The exhibition is a Chinese company. Going out and introducing overseas companies have established a good business service platform.

PV Guangzhou attaches great importance to the work of the audience and has received the support of 150,000 professional visitors. Among them, the audience reached 51,653 in the last exhibition, and the international buyers reached a record high of 4,816.


PV Guangzhou 2018 advantage

1. Create a brand and expand into new markets: PV Guangzhou will strive to become an important trading platform in South China and even the whole country.

2, promote export, direct attack on a large procurement group: PV Guangzhou relies on the status of Guangzhou city and the large overseas procurement resources of the organizer to actively assist enterprises to expand the market.

3. Initiating domestic demand and expanding domestic sales: Increasing the proportion of new energy and renewable energy in China's energy structure is China's established development goal.

4, gather buyers, build an efficient platform for corporate marketing: relevant buyers, industry distributors and agents, engineering units, etc. participate in the exhibition.

5, the elite, to discuss the development of the industry a new breakthrough: the exhibition will hold summit forums, expert lectures and other activities.


Sunrise Photovoltaic Company Profile

Jiangsu Sunrise Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It was established in the early stage of component manufacturing and sales. It is one of the photovoltaic companies that entered the power station investment development and system integration earlier in China. The business scope includes power station investment development, photovoltaic power generation project general contracting, power station design, installation, operation and maintenance, and household solar energy system integration, sales and installation.

In 2016, when China's household use of distributed photovoltaics was at the forefront, the company devoted itself to building a distributed photovoltaic power generation brand “Zhaoyangbao” with high-quality hardware and comprehensive services, aiming to promote photovoltaic benefits. Thousands of ordinary people enjoy the happiness and safety and stability of photovoltaic power generation.

Our corporate vision is to use a selection of products and professional services to shorten the distance between people and the sun, and strive to implement sustainable energy development.