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Zhaoyangbao enters the Australian Avonton Grammar School


Zhaoyangbao enters the Australian Avonton Grammar School

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Jiangsu Sunrise Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd., based on component manufacturing, quickly occupied the upstream business and residents in a fast-paced way in 2016, and created its own registered brand “Zhaoyangbao”, which has received extraordinary feedback from China. . At the same time, our green energy business abroad is also in full swing.

Today leads everyone into beautiful Australia, sharing the success of business distribution in beautiful Australia.


Into Australia

Covering an area of ​​7,686,850 square kilometers, Australia is surrounded by the sea and is the only country in the world that covers the entire continent. Australia, with its many unique flora, fauna and natural landscapes, is a multicultural immigrant country. In 2011, Sunrise Photovoltaic opened a subsidiary in Australia, and cooperated with the Australian government and schools to develop, invest, and build a commercial distribution. It has received numerous praises and support.


Aventon grammar school

Founded in 1989, Alphaton Grammar School is a mixed-person private church middle school in Melbourne. The school offers kindergarten to 12th grade courses and currently has a total of approximately 630 students. The school provides students with meticulous care.


Signing the Avonton Grammar School

In 2015, invited by Alex, the president of Melbourne Evanton Grammar School, Jack, the head of Sunny Australia's Australian subsidiary, met with the school management. In just two days, the Australian subsidiary successfully signed a 30KW school roof photovoltaic power generation with Avon. System, the project adopts EMC (energy management mode), and the entire investment of Sunrise Photovoltaic Australia subsidiary takes 10 days, and the power generation is sold to the school at a discount price. The school originally purchased the Australian National Grid for 0.25 Australian dollars per kWh, and our company sold the project with a discounted electricity price of 0.14 Australian dollars per liter, which is really saving the school's electricity consumption of 0.11 Australian dollars per degree.


Project completed

In January 2016, Australia's Avonton School's roof distributed 30KW was successfully connected to the grid, generating a lot of power. By the end of 2016, it had saved 13% of electricity expenses for the school. President Alex also changed from a question of our energy management to a strong appreciation at the beginning, and sent a thank-you letter to Sunrise Photovoltaic Headquarters.

At the same time, Sunrise Photovoltaic Australia subsidiary also cooperated with the school to promote the establishment of the Australian distributed energy management project model, and then copied to the church schools in other cities in Australia, which received positive feedback and support from the school.

Up to now, there are already 5 Australian church schools, and are willing to cooperate with our company in distributed energy management mode.


About children, the future, blue sky, green energy

In recent years, the petroleum, coal and natural gas-based petrochemical energy that has supported the rapid development of human civilization in the 20th century has experienced an unprecedented crisis. Except for its continuous reduction in storage, it is even more serious that scientific research has found that petrochemical energy is used. The carbon dioxide gas produced as a greenhouse gas is released into the atmosphere, artificially causing global warming, and has caused widespread concern and reflection on the future sources of social development. Many countries' energy strategies have an obvious policy orientation – encouraging the development of new energy sources.

Sunrise Photovoltaic is responsible for the global green energy mission and is constantly developing and committed to the construction of new energy. Bringing blue sky and white clouds to our lovely next generation, keeping the world away from energy crises and environmental pollution.