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On February 26th, local time, 2019 SOLAIRE EXPO MAROC opened in Casablanca Exhibition Center. As one of the major events in the solar energy industry in North Africa, it was a gathering of famous energy companies around the world. Sunrise was fortunate to be invited to participate in the exhibition, bringing a variety of high-efficiency modules, attracting the enthusiastic attention of experts and manufacturers in the industry.


In the comprehensive market plan of last year, Sunrise proposed that 2019 is the high-efficiency product year for Sunrise. Through the image display of the exhibition in the North African market, it can be said that Sunrise has taken an important step to enhance the brand influence there, and its confidence in further expanding its overseas market.



In the exhibition, Sunrise released two new series including three new modules. The single-glass bifacial module with transparent backplane, which is combined with efficient bifacial cell technology, in addition to achieving a front-facing power of up to 310 watts, can also gain up to 20% extra power on the back. Compared to conventional modules, the bifacial transparent module has a lighter weight, easier installation and a 30-year linear power warranty, which can significantly reduce BOS cost and achieve a lower LCOE and higher IRR for PV power stations.


The other two modules are half cell series, which is also a new type developed diligently by Sunrise at present. The half-cell structure has low resistance characteristics and an output power of up to 310 watts, effectively reducing the risk of hot spots. In addition to the above features, the full black module combines the advantage of a beautiful appearance. Due to increased gaps between the half cells, more light will be absorbed after multiple reflections, which can achieve the goal of improving the power output of modules.



As a hub for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Morocco has obvious location advantages, high economic openness and abundant renewable energy resources. 17% of the world's population is in power-poor areas, and about 600 million of them live in Africa. It has become a focus of worldwide development to provide reliable and affordable renewable energy.



The displayed modules attracted a large number of merchants to stop and observe, and Sunrise also accepted an interview from Morocco TV. When the Chinese Ambassador in Morocco came to the booth, Sunrise cordially greeted and said that it was committed to providing high-performance and cutting-edge products to the customers and speeding up the global process of grid parity while controlling costs. In the future, Sunrise will continue to develop suitable modules to match the high-growth market demand in the Middle East and Africa, and gradually take green energy into the local people's lives.