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Solar Solutions Int. 2019


Solar Solutions Int. 2019

On March 19th, Solar Solutions Int. the highly anticipated show, was grandly opened in Expo Haarlemmermeer in Amsterdam. Sunrise brought new modules and the industrial and commercial system integration solutions to attract a large number of customers.


The show has become a well-known brand in the PV industry within the Benelux, connecting PV manufacturers, installers, service providers and end users, and has made outstanding contributions to the industry in Benelux in the past few years. The expansion of the sales market provides time-sensitive market feedback for the solar industry, enabling investors to better control the local market.


Based on an in-depth understanding of the European market, Sunrise released three high-efficiency monocrystalline modules at the show, of which 60 cell full-black modules were more aesthetically pleasing and more adaptable to construction, with a power of 315W. The European PV market has risen again, and the tailor-made system solutions are powerful and efficient, adopting integrated design and core equipment, and can also give full play to the advantages of flexible installation, convenient operation and maintenance, and low cost.



The Netherlands will enter the ranks of the world's top ten PV installations in 2019. Sunrise has long-term reliable technology and excellent service, as well as the strong support of its European headquarters CKW, which can meet the urgent demand for high-efficiency modules in the Netherlands and the whole European market as well.



As a good business and network platform, Solar Solutions Int. enables Sunrise to quickly find more suitable channels and agents, which will help increase the trade volume and further expand the European market. Focusing on the brand globalization, Sunrise always pays attention to the application of advanced technology, providing cost-effective modules for various markets and promoting global green development.